Set out for an adventure trip – The Energy Odyssey. Explore the entire energy evolution from the Big Bang through to the near future. Find out how the man has handled energy in the past and today.

33 interactive sections will provide you with all necessary information about various energies – their utilisation, pros & cons of all electricity generation sources.

All visits are for free, as well as bus transport within 40 km radius for groups over 35 people. You are welcome in workdays from 8 AM to 4 PM. Booking >>>

Energoland Augmented Reality App
Make sure to download into your mobile or tablet the Energoland Augmented Reality App before visiting Energoland. It is available on App Store.

Wondering how the Augmented Reality app works? Test it! Open the app in your mobile or tablet and aim the camera at this marker (you can open the marker on your laptop screen or print it on a sheet of paper).